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HENSEL Studiotechnik started doing business in 1963 with the introduction of halogen lights and professional flash equipment in Germany. They expanded their trade to Europe and Asia in 1968. In 1970 they entered the U.S. market with….

Hensel History

Year Highlights
1963 Foundation. Distribution of halogen lights and flash lights to professional photo studios in Germany.
1968 Expanding the sales activities to major countries in Europe and Asia
1970 Introducing the Frontprojection system. Entering the US-market.
1982 Development of the first HENSEL flash light series.
1988 Introducing the self-contained flash light series EXPERT, one of the best sellers worldwide.
1989 Completing the flash light series with power packs and accessories. Expansion of product distribution to China and Indonesia. Starting seminar activities in Europe and Asia.
1995 Introducing world-wide the first professional battery operated flash system PORTY 1200.
1996 Demonstration of brand new series CONTRA and MONO MAX at the Photokina turned out to be extremely successful.
1997 TWINSTAR concept with 1200 HMI lamp introduced for digital camera use.
1998 Completing the power pack line with the special designed generator TRIA in combination with the new EHT Heads and shown at the photokina ’98.
1999 A powerful and competitive Compact Flash Series CONRTA E was launched to the market place.
2000 Photokina 2000 News: TRIA AS Power Pack, equipped with the 3-Mode-Asymmetry defines the latest flash technology.
2001 Our new company building has been completed.
2002 Photokina novelties 2002: VELA Generator, eFlash compact flash device und PORTY Premium AS with asymmetric energy distribution.
2003 Introduction of our Strobe Wizard radio sync & remote control system.
2004 The new designed EXPERT PRO and PRO PLUS series with built-in radio sync & control are shown at photokina 2004.
2005 The newly developed professional Ringflashes RF 1200P-XS and 3000-XS: easy and safe to handle with excellent picture quality.
2006 The PORTY series and the radio control unit became further optimized in terms of flash triggering and power control: PORTY Premium Plus and Strobe Wizard Plus were introduced.
2008 The new Porty Lithium is introduced at the photokina in Cologne. It’s the first portable flash generator worldwide using a Lithium battery.
2009 A development by the Hensel industrial sector crosses over to the photo studio. The Speed Max is the world’s fastest compact flash unit to date. Up to 31 flashes per second and with the shortest flash duration of 1/66.660 s
2010 New at photokina: The entry-level Integra mini 300 offers true quality “Made in Germany” at a surprisingly low price.
2012 Presentation of Nova DL flash generators, EH Mini i heads with digital communication to Nova packs and the C-Light D, a handy daylight source.
2013 Introduction of the Power Max L, an extraordinary lightweight and safe portable power supply with Li batteries for Hensel compact flashes.
2014 Launch of Expert D 250 SPEED, a very fast compact flash for dynamic shootings.
2015 Porty, the first battery generator – which has become a synonym for this type of unit worldwide – celebrates its 20th anniversary. New in our product portfolio: The Bounce Adapter, a special stand holder with integrated connector ring allowing you to mount Hensel compact flashes and flash heads indirectly in the Grand and large Octa

What we do


Since 1963, we have been developing and producing high-quality flash and lighting technology for photographers and the industrial sector.
We are not just a manufacturer, but a service provider as well. In the course of time, this has developed into a company philosophy that we are 100 % committed to and below we would like to introduce the contents of our philosophy:

We are here for our customers.

We value personal contact and social competency.

We listen to you and fulfil your wishes if at all possible.

We strive to establish lasting customer and staff relations.

We offer a comprehensive system.

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